PDX TechGuys

We Come To You!

Need help installing your new home video components or re-organizing your existing system? No problem. We'll come to your house and install your Audio / Video Components so you can easily operate and maintain them. Our in-home Service includes consultation, component setup, cable management, and more.


Here痴 what we値l do:


Evaluation: We値l survey your system and components to determine the best performance you can get out of them.

Consultation: We値l find out exactly how you would like your system to function and help determine any additional parts or services that may be needed.

Setup: We値l connect your video components according to your personal preferences so you値l get the most enjoyment out of them.

Cable management: We値l keep all loose wires organized, manageable and hidden from view. (as much as possible)

Training: We値l make sure you understand the work we do and explain how to easily and efficiently use your system.

Validation: We値l answer any questions you have and make sure you池e completely satisfied with our service.



Audio / Video Component Setup & Training

Audio / Video Setup

Typical Setup Includes: Setup of up to two devices from below.

Typically: 1 - 2 Hours



Sound System

DVD Player

Game Console

Blu-Ray Player



Additional device(s)

Typically: 30 - 45 Minutes Each.


Setup of Wi-Fi compatible devices onto your existing Wireless Network: Typically: 30 Extra Minutes Each Device.