PDX TechGuys

We Come To You!

Need help setting up your new digital camera? No problem.

Just let us show you everything you need to know. We値l come to your house and walk you through all the necessary steps to get the most out of your camera. So you値l be ready to shoot, edit and create custom albums and slideshows.

Here痴 what we値l do:


 Setup & Training: We値l come to your home and help you setup your new digital camera

 Hardware & Software setup: We値l configure your camera & computer to work compatibly & efficiently.

 Download photos: We値l teach you how to download your photos from your camera to your computer & keep them organized.

 Photo Editing: We値l go over simple photo editing so you値l be able to easily re-size your photos & remove red eye.

 Slideshow: We値l explain how to create a slide show for you to share with family & friends.

 Photo Sharing: We値l teach you how to upload photos onto the internet, create an online photo album & print photos at home.

Digital Camera Setup & Training

Digital Camera Setup and Training

Typically: 1 - 2 Hours