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We Come To You!

Just got a new Game System? Need some help hooking it up to your TV and surround sound System? Want to go Online with your new console? No Problem!

We'll install, configure and setup your console to your TV & existing Wireless Home Network for Online Gaming!



Here痴 what we値l do:


Pre-Evaluation: We値l make sure you have all the proper elements needed to get your system up & running over the phone prior to your appointment.

Assess your needs: We値l discuss the best place to set up your gaming console & find out what your setup references are.

Physical setup: We値l make all the proper connections between your console and your internet service.

Configuration: We値l make sure the settings between your console and Internet service are correctly configured and functioning properly.

Validation: We値l perform a final check to make sure your system is working correctly.


Game Console Setup

Game Console Setup

Typical Setup Includes: Setup of one Game console listed below.

Typically: 1 - 2 Hours


Game Consoles







Portable Game Systems


DS Lite


Setup of additional system(s) on same trip:

Typically: 30 - 45 Minutes each.