PDX TechGuys

We Come To You!

Too many remote controls cluttering up your coffee table? No problem.

All you need is a universal or learning remote. Our Service includes universal remote setup and remote consolidation.

Here痴 what we値l do:


 Evaluation: Prior to beginning the installation, we値l make sure all of your components are compatible with one another.

 Remote Consolidation: We値l program your pre-purchased universal remote to control as many of you池e A/V components as its capacity will allow. Then we値l program the macro features available on your remote so you can initiate multiple functions with just a touch of a button.

 Validation: Once the initial setup is complete, we値l verify that all of your remote痴 functions are working properly.

 Demonstration: We値l demonstrate how to get the most out of your new universal remote and answer any questions you may have.

Remote Control Setup & Training

Universal Remote Control Setup and Training

Typically: 1 Hour