PDX TechGuys

We Come To You!

Need some help getting your new TV Stand assembled & in the right spot? No problem!

Just let us take care of everything. We値l come to your home, set up your pre-purchased TV stand, position it wherever you like, and place your TV on it.



Here痴 what we値l do:

 Evaluation: We値l perform a pre-installation survey to ensure that all the necessary parts of your pre-purchased TV Stand are present & undamaged.

 Assembly & placement: We値l assemble your TV stand. Then we値l position it in your home according to your specifications & place your TV (up to 32) onto it.

 Clean-up: We値l remove all debris from the assembly area and move it to your recycle bin/garbage can for you.

 Post-Service evaluation: Once assembly & placement is complete, we値l perform a final check to confirm that your stand is structurally sound.



TV Stand Assembly

TV Stand Assembly

Typically: 1 - 2 Hours

Includes: In home installation of your New TV Stand.











Some restrictions apply. Please call for further information.